Our Program

Program Highlights

Enroll ten two-year-old children in year one, offering educational stability by teaching these same children for three 134-day school years.

Our Vision

We will provide our students with a solid preschool foundation, better enabling them to succeed in all facets of their lives.  We will give children the tools they need to reach their full potential once they enter elementary school.

Testimonial from Luna's Mom

Luna’s experience in Wee Care was very beneficial. Not only did she learn her ABC's and to write her name, but she also learned many life lessons that can’t be taught in a class room, like the importance of friendship, sharing and caring for others. In Wee Care, her classmates and teachers became her family.

Mrs. Laurie and Mrs. Ellen make sure the learning environment is fun and very enjoyable. Luna went on countless field trips and would always come home anxious to tell me about her day.

Wee Care did more than prepare Luna for Kindergarten. They have enhanced her interpersonal skills and have given her a positive outlook on learning as well. Mrs. Laurie and Mrs. Ellen practically helped me raise my child into the positive, eager learner she is today. I’m very happy that I signed my daughter up for this program. It has truly been a great experience for both Luna and my family throughout the past 3 years.

Thank you Wee Care, for the great work you have done with my child and the many other children.

-- Maria B.