I have never felt more loved than the times that my daughter and I have gone to play with the Wee Care children.

Melanie with studentWe went the first time expecting to give of our time and love to the children. We had no idea how much we would receive from them. They have taught me and my daughter what it means to be grateful for time spent together, what it means to be grateful for learning a new skill, and what it means to truly "love one another." They act like you have given them a million dollars when you sit with them and give them your attention.


Maddie Strawberry PatchIt is a clear reminder that what really matters in life is to care about one another. I have received more than I could ever give back to them in the little bit of time spent reading to them, playing with them, and singing with them. It is an amazing thing to be a part of witnessing the changing of lives.
   ~ Melanie and Maddie