Board of Directors

Andy Adams Board

Andy Adams
Information Technology Manager
Wee Care Technology Advisor

Ret Boney Board

Ret Boney
Assistant Editor, Philanthropy Journal
Wee Care Editor

Luann Charlton Board

LuAnn Charlton
Associate Pastor, Hayes Barton UMC
Wee Care Ex-Officio Member

Penny Hage Board

Penny Hage
Experienced Occupational Therapist
Wee Care Fundraising and Support teams

Jenni Kinlaw Board

Jenni Kinlaw
CPA, NC State Employees Credit Union
Wee Care CPA

Sara Lindsay Kindem Board

Sara Lindsay Kindem
Experienced Early Childhood Educator
Wee Care Fundraising Team

Becky Littleton Board

Becky Littleton
Experienced Preschool Teacher
Wee Care Curriculum Advisor

Amy Mathias Board

Amy Mattheis
Director, Hayes Barton United Methodist Preschool
Wee Care Ex-Officio Member

Liz Merritt Board

Liz Merritt
Director of Preschool Ministries, Hayes Barton UMC
Wee Care Bookkeeper

Laurie Perry Board

Laurie Perry
Executive Director & Lead Teacher, Wee Care Children's Enrichment Program

Kathy Pretzer Board

Kathy Pretzer
Experienced Speech Pathologist
Wee Care Chairman of the Board

Ellen Safrit Board

Ellen Safrit
Senior Administrator & Teacher Assistant, Wee Care Children's Enrichment Program

Estes Thompson Board

Estes Thompson
Experienced AP Reporter
Wee Care Researcher